Redesigning Deutsche Telekom

Integration of design thinking in a team of 225.000 colleagues

Our 160 million customers deserve the best in class experience. We needed a sustainable mind shift across major parts of the organisation. This is the story about how it worked.

Our Challenge

We are a former state-owned group with over225.000 employees & 160 Million customersThe product development was very technology driven with a lack of customer centricity. Design always was immaterial in the process. There were no standards or rules.

Reading science and asking the team

Our work started with a huge research. We analysed of more than 200 Design Thinking methods and their experience reports. We adopted approaches from various schools of thought, including Stanford. And of course we took our seven years experience at Telekom Design into account.

After that, we asked the whole group which methods and tools are truly relevant and earned. We conducted hundreds of interviews and questionnaires with internal and external experts. Thousands of collected comments and opinions from the whole group.

From Design Thinking to Design Doing

From the results, we tailored a holistic education framework. To enable everybody to work customer-centric and with the newest methods and tools.

This is based on three cornerstones:

The Toolbox – Our Standard Reference

The essence of our work. A selection of the best methods with processes, detailed personas and practical tools. Its the standard for our daily work. Continously extended and updated. Available 24/7 as book and online within our corporate design tool Brand&Design or as downloadable PDF.

The Academy – Our Education Unit

Personal trainings, workshops and seminars to bring Design Thinking in every corner of the group. More than 5.000 colleagues were trained only in 2016.

The Process – Our Daily Work

We reviewed every internal development process – and optimized it by integrating our approved Design Thinking methods.


We achieved customer integration from end to end! Or simpler: Our products are way better now! They are the best in class experience for our 160 million customers.
But – see for youself:

Optimized Internet Routers