Creating value through design

Our world has become hyper connected and digital, and it’s getting more complex every day. People need orientation, they want solutions that simplify and enrich their lives. That’s why we at Telekom Design put human needs at the center of everything we do. In order to create value for our customers, we think design, we do design, we live design. And by creating true value for our customers, we create sustainable business value for Deutsche Telekom.

Philipp Thesen Portrait

“Design is how we work”

Philipp Thesen, former SVP Telekom Design

At Deutsche Telekom, design is not done exclusively by our designers – it is the job of every employee. We’re working to further develop design competency throughout our company because design is the means to delivering the best customer experience.

The role of design at Deutsche Telekom

Outstanding design competency is instrumental to leading organizations: it’s elementary to shaping relevant propositions, and it’s vital for creative and agile collaboration. Therefore, we have integrated design as an organizational competence into Deutsche Telekom. Our focus is on the strategic development of future experiences at every customer touchpoint. Our work is based on three pillars: Design for Innovation, Design for Differentiation, Design for Consistency.

Leading businesses have realized that innovation is not just about technology – it’s about what people need. We’re striving to make Deutsche Telekom the leading European Telco. Therefore, our approach to innovation is centered around human needs, not technological possibilities. We combine Design Thinking and technological advancement to bring our vision of the future to life.

We believe that user experience is brand experience. A well-designed user experience differentiates us on the market. With our products and services, we establish our brand as a trustworthy companion and foster satisfied, engaged, and loyal customers. And that creates sustainable business value for our company.

We create more than outstanding design solutions. We develop end-to-end experiences because we always look at the big picture. Our methods, guidelines, and assets are the basis for a consistent customer journey, and the key to a seamless experience.