At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we discussed how design and technology can unleash the potential to enrich people's lives – today and in the future.

Giving technology a heartbeat through design – MWC 2023

After opening our new office in Barcelona a few months ago, we now took the opportunity to connect with the local design industry and education sector by hosting a design event at the MWC.

“We really believe that design has a big influence in the future of customer experiences and innovation. For this reason, we dedicated an event to designers in Barcelona, the day before the Mobile World Congress. We set up this dialogue by inviting local creatives in the world of design and technology to participate in our panel and audience,” said Monica Dalla Riva, Senior Vice President Design and Customer Experience.

How can we make peoples’ lives better?

In our Design Panel Discussion at FiskeBar in the old port of Barcelona, we talked about human-centered design and the role of designers in tech companies. It was an inspiring exchange about the opportunities and challenges for designers to shape sustainability, inclusion and diversity today and in the future. “Design shapes the impact digital technology has on our lives, and the role of design is changing because of this. By creating with technologies, experiences need to be more and more human-centric as, otherwise, they are meaningless,” said Monica Dalla Riva.

Using AI for the good

Our Concept Design Installation was another exciting part of our event. It was about exploring the role of connectivity and technology in the future and how they can be used to make the world a better place. Our intention here was not to offer solutions, but rather to address different topics for people to consider. Created in collaboration with Espadaysantacruz Design Studio, the installation consisted of robotic arms with moving screens and a series of use cases created with artificial intelligence.

A day in our customers’ lives

After the inspiring design event the day before the MWC, there was more to discover on the official days. At the Fira – the fairgrounds of Barcelona – the T Experience took visitors on a journey to explore our customers’ touchpoints with our services through the eyes of the Berger family: Technical terms like “connectivity” and “touchpoints” mean nothing to them. The Bergers simply want to stay connected, to be entertained at home and to fulfill their daily tasks easily wherever they are. They don’t care which firmware version or which Wi-Fi band they are using – they simply expect all the services and devices to work. For us, that means guaranteeing seamless connectivity with services that help to organize, simplify and enrichen people’s lives.

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