The Design & CX team took the chance to be part of the Milan Design Week from June 6 to 13, showcasing some of the innovations that can make a positive impact on our customers’ lives.

Deutsche Telekom’s debut at the Milan Design Week

What we’ve shown in Milan, are the results of constantly questioning the status quo and experimenting with new concepts for everyday life in which technology and design are combined and integrated to improve the user experience and make technology more human.

“One of our goals is to bring our innovations to the customers early enough to gather insights that can be translated into impactful products. And at the Milan Design Week 2022, we not only showed the Connectivity Concept, the AR Packaging and the MagentaZuhause App, we also engaged and positioned our Design and Customer Experience team in the creative industry and connected with digital talents,” says Monica Dalla Riva, Senior Vice President Design and Customer Experience. “It was a great experience and a very well-designed event. Congratulations to my team for the success.”

Let's take a look at the results.

Fractal – infinite possibilities thanks to new technologies and digitalization

Fractal is an installation consisting of an experience room that stimulates questions on the relationships between virtual and physical worlds and on the multiplicity of digital personalities that are created every day driven by new technologies. It also represents a metaphorical vision of the multi-faceted work and research that we have always carried out together with our customers. Fractal was created in collaboration with the London-based design studio LAYER.

Connectivity Concept – consumer electronics linked with interior design

The Connectivity Concept is a family of technological objects designed to fit naturally into the home environment, where the needs of aesthetics and connectivity go hand-in-hand. The collection utilizes a new palette of crafted materials and intuitive, informative displays to elevate the technological experience to a more natural and human state. It comprises a router, a mesh repeater, a set-top box- soundbar with a webcam, a set-top box and a remote control. Connectivity Concept was also born from our collaboration with LAYER.

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AR Packaging Experience – sustainability as an integral part of design

We have designed a packaging that, thanks to augmented reality, transforms into a digital information experience: When the QR code on the box is scanned, the plain-looking packaging comes alive with graphics and moving images as well as a three- dimensional manual of the device purchased. The result is a better and more interactive relationship with our customers and a huge amount of material saved.

MagentaZuhause App – organizer for family life at home

MagentaZuhause is the app that allows you and your loved ones to connect and share all your devices and allows you to keep all the home functions under control from a single digital place. It also helps you to organize your daily life, including sharing tasks and to- do lists with your household members. From the MagentaZuhause App, you can turn on the lights, plan the daily routine, connect the screens, turn up the volume of the radio and create shared experiences, among other things.

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Facts & figures from Milan Design Week (June 6 to 13)

  • 400,000 attendees
  • 3,500 journalists
  • 200,000 visitors at the University of Milan within the INTERNI Design Re-Generation
  • 70 people attending our interactive talk “Design and Technology: New Perspectives”

If you would like to know more about the individual topics or our presence in Milan, please drop us a line.